Journey in the Sky

Journey in the Sky |

This title identifies a long series of works that investigate the narrative and conceptual possibility of occasional events in the sky. 

Flight trials and projects, the sky above, celestial systems, flight epiphanies, the Phoenix Arab, Atlas, Weather are some of the titles of this investigation of events.

The work is presented as a ‘fait accompli’, with measurements, directions, times, notes and a series of devices (arrows, directions, geographical references) which tend to confer narrative and logical unity to mental events. 

Words, images and writings positioned variously become unicum where the work is presented as a theorem for which everyone is free to find the solution. 

The compositional unity, the materials used (very often French-style paper) with their physical values combine to define a design that speaks of itself.

Alberto Veca wrote:

…Between earth and sky Gini has constructed some possible maps, capturing on the plane of the figures of languages as well as of the chromatic range, the essential features of the point of departure and arrival, or rather, indefinite station. A journey then, which is also a transcription of time and space…..

Reading priorities follow contradictory trends between differently realized figures of writing and with equally uneven relief, and figures in the illustration, ironically alluding to the standard description of our geographical coordinates…”, 1993.

A small number of pieces from this period is still available to purchase directly from the artist. Please enquire within to discuss your preferences and needs.


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