Gino gini artista

Gino Gini is a visual artist based in Milan, Italy.

Born in 1939, he exhibited his artwork since 1968.

Gino Gini completed his artistic studies at the historical Artistic academy of Brera in Milan.

Having always been attentive to social values, in the early 1970s, Gini joined the ‘Collettivi Lavoro Uno’ and ‘Lavoro A’ (‘collectives for the workforce’ and ‘workforce A’)getting involved in interventions on the environment and in the social sphere and urging the group towards conceptual social/aesthetic operations.

This experience and its nature as a cultural stimulator will lead him in 1976 to take action in Mail Art, of which he will become the protagonist with the project in progress ‘The Mythical Image’.

This operation sees the participation of 400 international artists and 2,000 works on postcards which will be the subject of numerous exhibitions.

In 2003 all these works, documents, artist envelopes and other creative material relating to Mail Art will be transferred to the Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery of Gallarate.


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