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Gino Gini
One Word a day
Calendar 2024
Mixed technique on paper
40×30 cm

5 different original copies signed by the artist

For sale

Gino Gini calendars artwork

Who is Gino Gini?

Gino gini artista

Gino Gini is a contemporary visual artist based in Milan, Italy. Born in 1939, he exhibited his artwork since 1968- presenting it in over 300 exhibitions, reviews and art shows over the years. 

His artistic research develops between conceptual artworks, artist’s books and Mail Art.

He is considered one of the main protagonists of the renewal of the Visual Poetry genre in which painting interacts with words and writing.

He adheres to Visual Poetry in the mid-seventies and his work is distinguished by a more intense relationship between Word-Image-Writing, where each element interacts without priority value of one over the other, but as communicating factors that complement each other.


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